Running a cygnus-twitter agent

Once the agent_<id>.conf file is properly configured, just use the following command to start:

${FLUME_HOME}/bin/cygnus-flume-ng agent --conf ${CYGNUS_CONF_PATH} -f agent_<id>.conf -n cygnus-twitter -Dflume.root.logger=${CYGNUS_LOG_LEVEL},${CYGNUS_LOG_APPENDER} -Duser.timezone=UTC

Where <id> is the suffix at the end of the agent_<id>.conf files you used to configure the instance.

The parameters used in these commands are:

  • agent. This is the type of application to be run by the cygnus-flume-ng script.
  • --conf. Points to the Apache Flume configuration folder.
  • -f (or --conf-file). This is the agent configuration (agent_<id>.conf) file. Please observe when running in this mode no cygnus_instance_<id>.conf file is required.
  • -n (or --name). The name of the Cygnus agent to be run.
  • -Dflume.root.logger. Changes the logging level and the logging appender for log4j.
  • -Duser.timezone=UTC. Changes the timezone in order all the timestamps (logs, data reception times, etc) are UTC.